Tekstvak: New A27 - 225kW wind turbines for sale.
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In co-operation with our Spanish manufacturing partner ACSA, we have restarted the production of a licensed version of the well proven V27 wind turbine with a nominal power of 225kW. First units of the new series have been delivered and installed. This wind turbine type is the only wind turbine in its kW-class with pitch control and only ACSA’s version has newly developed, future proof again, state of the art electronics. Several thousands of these units were manufactured and installed around the world. 
ACSA has build and maintained the V27 under license from Vestas since 1991. Marketed as the A27 and A29, our Spanish manufacturer maintains the highest availability under the harshest conditions, after so many years. Talking about a proven, reliable and bankable wind turbine…..
ACSA’s V27 version uses only European component suppliers, original component suppliers, supply chain secured for the next 25 years. ACSA is the only V27-license holder that can provide a compliancy statement with the original DNV type certificate. 
Especially for Italy we offer an optimized 200kW version.  

For this product: lease and financing available. 
We can offer a full turnkey solution, including supply, delivery, construction, install and financing. 
World Wide Wind Turbines b.v. (WWWT) owns exclusive sales rights for the A27/A29-225kW wind turbines. 

For an overview of the specifications and of our service & maintenance, click here.  

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UK: recently, ACSA and its local install team installed the first delivery to the UK in record time.

A27 and refurbished V27 wind turbines 225kW


UK & Ireland

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V27 wind turbine for sale